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November 6, 2008

Trillian Chat Problem

For the past couple of days I was having problems with seeing the chat window in Trillian. For some reason when I would open a chat window the window would not be accessable. I could see the window open in the dock, but I couldn't access it. I tried everything to get it working, I updated the software, restarted the computer and I still couldn't access the window.

I figured out the problem after a while and its related to having two monitors connected to my computer. For some reason the chat window was opening the window in the old monitor position, moved the location of the second monitor from being on the right of the primary monitor to being on the left. Trillian was opening the window on the right instead of the left.

The solution is to disconnect the second monitor, right click on the desktop, select properties, then Settings, then right click on the second monitor icon, and select Attached and click Apply and OK. Then I open up a chat window in Trillian and it opened in the Primary monitor. I then right clicked on the desktop, selected properties, then Settings, and again select the second monitor icon and then reapplied the Attached and click Ok. Now I'll be able to see the chat window.

September 16, 2008

Non-Runnable Tests in VS8

A solution for those that are getting "non-runnable" tests in Microsoft Visual Studio when opening a project.

Here's the easy solution:

  1. Goto the "Test List Editor" by selecting the Test Menu in VS2008 and then Windows then "Test List Editor"
  2. Click on the Refresh icon in the Test List Editor

All the test should now be available.

September 12, 2008

Thought about Google

Found this in a feedback on a blog:

I can see where you were coming from. They look like the same solution. I am amazed myself. It is just something I thought of and did, and it turns out it had already been done, shoulda googled and saved myself the trouble :P but its good to solve things yourself sometimes.

This got me thinking that sometimes its not always better to use Google.

August 8, 2008

Microsoft's Developer Toolbar

If you use Microsoft's Developer Toolbar, you know that its pretty cool and a great source to get a Website DOM. You can use the tool to debug information, or to figure out why objects aren't being displayed correctly.

One problem that I have with the toolbar is the Ruler. For some reason every once in a while when I type in Shift-R I see the ruler tool. This is very annoying. However, this is a bug within IE and not the Developer Toolbar. For some reason the Ctrl key is still recognized as being pressed.

The quick fix is to press both Ctrl buttons. This resets the keyboard and you'll be able to type in a capitol R with no problem.

July 24, 2008

Oracle Import Example

The following is an example of duplicating an Orcle database from one schema to another schema. You may want to do this when you don't want to touch production DB during development.

This task is export the database contents of the SCHEMAA and importing them to SCHEMAB

exp and imp are Oracle command line Utilities. On some Oracle installations they are found in: D:oracleora92bin


## - Export SCHEMAA Data:
exp MYDATABASE/MYDATABASE@o6 file=schemaa.dmp log=schemaa.log rows=yes indexes=no OWNER=SCHEMAA

## - Import SCHEMAA to SCHEMAB

February 20, 2008

Terminal Services

Use your computer to connect to a computer that is located elsewhere and run programs or access files.

This is a "quick way" to get Terminal Services loaded, ie its faster than finding the Application in the Start Menu

Start > Run > Type in mstsc
December 27, 2007

Row Limit

ODBC Row Limit

If your working with different databases, the above graphic is handy to have. You can use this to determine the correct syntax to use to limit your row count.

October 23, 2007

ConsultLink says Good Bye

I found this email while searching for some files on a CD from 1999. A good-bye letter from a failed dot com:
For over five years, ConsultLink has worked to provide
a better means for companies to find consultants. We feel
that we have succeeded in achieving our primary purpose:
supporting the matching of consultants and client projects.
Since the acquisition of ConsultLink by Portera in August
1999, we have seen many significant changes in the consulting
market in general and in its online presence. As a result, after
much careful consideration, we have decided to discontinue
the ConsultLink service at Portera. Portera will instead focus
all its energies on its very successful core business as a vertical
service provider for the professional services industry. Our
ConsultLink website will go offline on November 30.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you for your support and feedback over the years.
Carol Lashman
VP, ConsultLink Services at Portera

John W. Flora
Relationship Manager, ConsultLink
October 19, 2007

Haunted House Forum

The following was the banner screen for a Forum that I had on Delphi Internet. I found this while searching for some files this past week.

Brings back lots of memories...

                     Welcome to the Haunted House Forum!

          ~                ~
~       /                     ~            ~                     ~
      /                  November is National Aviation History Month ~
    I [] []    I       ~          October 1995:
    I     /   I                 Friday the 13th
    I   /     I           Rocky Horror 20th Anniversary
    I /                           Halloween!
    I---                   ~
    I      []   I            Chat with our Special Guests!
    I           I  Enjoy your Cappuccino with THUMB every morning a 7am!
    -------------  Tell your Horror Stories to LADY_CASPER every night!

October 11, 2007


Has anyone ever registered for Winzip? Almost every customer that I goto I always see the WinZip expired screen. So, why doesn't anyone register for it? Well I guess its not worth the $30+ registration fee.

Microsoft was nice to include an unzip application in the latest version of Windows. Which is a good idea. Even Apple has an unzip program as part of the operating system.

If your looking for a good cheap replacement for WinZip, here's a couple of choices for you:

Be a smart developer and put FreeZip in your toolbox, and learn how to Quickly Uninstall Winzip. Then add it to your resume and watch the leads come in.