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August 26, 2009

iGoogle Tip

If your using iGoogle, here's a cool tip. You can create a channel that does searches the news wire for anything you want. For example, you can see if your company is in the news, or if there's anything going on in your hometown. Here's what you do:

  1. Go to iGoogle and sign in.
  2. Select a Tab where you want to add your content.
  3. Click "Add Stuff" (you'll see it on the top right of the page.)
  4. Search for "Google News - Customized"
  5. Click "Add it Now" on the first result.
  6. Now click on "Go back to the iGoogle page" on the top left
  7. Enter in a search result in the search box in the new gadget
  8. done!
Try it, its really cool and its a fast way to use your frequent search items.
August 7, 2009
Bing or Google

Bing or Google?

Should you Bing or Google? That's the new question that everyone is asking, or at least that what Microsoft might have you believe that everyone is asking.

Looking at my website server log file for the last few months I can see that Bing searches has increase, but Google is still the dominate search and that's how most internet users find this website.

The one "big" advantage of using Bing is if your looking for Microsoft technology. Say, for example, your looking for information on "AlwaysVisibleControl" (An Ajax control for .Net) you'll have better results using Bing than Google. Google finds 3,660 hits, while Bing returns 5,330.

While Bing results might be impressive, its not the numbers that matter for most users, what matters to them is the quality of the search results returned. Most users won't bother with checking for the information in all the records returned.

July 17, 2009

Google Chrome Icon

The icon that Google Chrome uses looks very similar to Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 application icon. This is a picture of the two icons in the quick launch bar:

June 25, 2009

Calibri Font

If you are having problems with some characters being displayed on CD-Ricoh610-3E05 (such as the numbers 6 and 8) you should avoid using Calibri Font.

I recently experienced a problem with some charaters not printing in a document. I then change the font to Times New Roman and had no problems.

Calibri Font is a new font for Office 2007, and is "made for Vista." So you can be sure it's a quality font.

The Newpaperclip has Instructions on changing the default font from Calibri to Times New Roman.

June 10, 2009

FireFox Error at Microsoft

Nice little at

Steps to reproduce:

May 28, 2009

The Weather Channel Desktop

I have had nothing but problems dealing with the Weather Channel Application. The worst part of the application is that you can't uninstall it. So every time my computer starts it always ask if I want to install The Weather Channel Desktop.

I search there website on how to remove the application and they were no help. My advice is to not install this application.

If you have had bad experiences with uninstalling it, you can Vent on their Please tell us why you uninstalled Desktop 6 page.

February 16, 2009


There's a new hack that's going around the internet. Some hackers are hacking Website Blogs and point them to a onlineantivirusproscan, which basically installs virus on your computer.

If you get redirected to a website that looks like its scanning your computer and finding virus, don't worry its not. There's no way a browser can run a scan without your permissions.

When it comes to virus protection, your best to stick with the well known companies. Don't trust anything that pretends to scan your system.

January 28, 2009

Conficker Worm

Have you heard of Conficker? Its the latest virus that's going around. I am working hard to remove it from a computer at home.

In fact, about 20 million computer have been infected with this virus. Most computer users will discover they have the virus when they are unable to visit some websites, such as and

So, how do you remove the Virus? There's plenty of sites telling you all the things to manually remove the virus, but if you miss a step, the virus could come back. I would highly recommend getting an application to remove the tool. Thankfully Symantec has a tool and it's FREE!

Step 1: Get the Symantec Tool

Using a different computer, go to Symantec's website and download the W32.Downadup - Removal tool. If all your computer is infected and you are unable to visit the site, you do have a couple of options! You can go to a FedEx Office and download the tool, or edit the host file on your infected computer.

Note: If you know anything about editing a host file you could always add an alias for For example: (Just don't forget to remove it when your done!)

If you do use another computer, You can transfer the application using a USB Drive, however, I would recommend using a CD since the USB Flash Drive could be infected.

Step 2: Run the tool

Start up the computer in Safe Mode, this is done by holding down F8 on startup. Run the Symantec Application. Then Reboot the computer and re-run the application. Note this could take a couple of hours depending on how many files you have on your computer, so if your using a laptop make sure that it's plugged in.

To run the tool, simply double click on the downloaded application. Some variance of the Conficker may prevent you from running the application, simply rename the download file will fix this problem.

Step 3: Prevention

Once the virus has been removed, you should go to Window's Update and make sure that you have the latest security patches. Hint: If you have the latest updates you shouldn't infect.

Good Luck with removing the Conficker Virus, this is a really bad virus and may be challenging. If you learn anything from this, you should back up your computer often and run a Virus scan or at least do a Windows Update frequently.

January 14, 2009

Microsoft Digital Image Suite

Yesterday was the last day that Microsoft would be supporting their Digital Image Suite products including Digital Image Suite Anniversary Edition, Digital Image Suite Plus (paired with Pinnacle?s Video Editing Software) and Digital Image Standard.

I don't think many people really cared for the Digital Image line anyway. I believe that Adobe suite of image products is much better.

November 9, 2008

Microsoft History

Everyone know Microsoft, they are a company everyone loves to hate. They are successful and for many business their products are a necessary. Do you know the history of the company, might be fun to find out!

You can find important dates in Microsoft history, up to January 2000.