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August 30, 2010

Steve Job Optimism in 2000

Steve Jobs at MacWorld in 2000:

"These are very challenging times across the whole economy and particularly in our industry. Our competitors are laying off thousands of people and there's certainly cause for despair, if you believe that the personal computer is basically something that you use spreadsheet and word processing on and html terminal for the internet. If that's all you think there is then there is cause for despair, but that's not what we think, we think different.

We believe that the personal computer is under going a rapid evolution that is the center of our digital lives and we have NEVER been more excited about this stuff and we are INVESTING and we are going to INOVATE our way through this downturn like the products you seen here today and more coming and when this thing turns around, we are going to be in a great place.

So we are going to INVEST our way through this because we the brightest future ever for the personal computer lies ahead. Thank you very much."

June 30, 2010

Theories and Principles

Having fun with Randomization, here are some theories and scientific principles that you probably never heard of:

  • New Broadcasters Theory by Lilia Fresh
  • Residue's Psychopathics Principle by Jaclyn Farnam
  • Extirpation Grownup Theory by Jolene Fuqua
  • Holder Corruption Principle by Jacynth Field
  • Aftershock's Synergism Theory by Chas Gardner
  • Tomboys Dislodging Principle by Cchaddie Tittle
  • Partridge's Iroquois Theory by Jodie Furgerson
  • Corinne's Cosmonauts Principle by Broderick Gould
  • Bogies Fecund Theory by Lizabeth McCabe
  • Singe April Principle by Carney Grammer

Maybe they will be something true someday, but for now they are just a case of random words put together.

June 9, 2010

Enhanced Meta File

EMF (Enhanced Meta File) is a vector-based image format designed for and popularized by Microsoft Windows. EMF Corda images are of high quality, but like PDF, have no drill-down or PopUp capability. They also do not support transparency.

EMF images can not be viewed from most browsers, and must instead be viewed from a graphics manipulation program, such as Adobe PhotoShop or SnagIt. They cannot be embedded into a web page.

EMF capabilities are not intended for most users. In other words, if you have a reason to produce images in the EMF format, you will probably know it. Otherwise, you will probably not need to concern yourself with this format.

Couple of example of EMF image formats for your testing:

Right click on the above images and save them to your Desktop - Enjoy!
March 9, 2010

Macintosh Page

Just started putting together a reference page for all things Macintosh. I have a lot of experience with using the Macintosh over the years, and I thought I put a single page together for reference.

The page has useful links to popular applications for the Macintosh, such as FTP and Journal Applications. Might be useful if your looking for those types of applications.

Its just a start, and I plan to continue to add more useful content on the page as I encounter them.

February 25, 2010

Filler Text in Word

Here's a great tip that I found on the Official blog of the Microsoft Word product team. Seems like a good blog to visit often if you use Microsoft Word and want to get some good information.

Quick Tip: Filler Text

It's super easy to put generic text into a Word document for all of your filler text needs (especially useful during demos and presentations). Just start a new paragraph and:

  1. Type "=rand()" and press Enter for three paragraphs of text
  2. Type "=lorem()"and press Enter for three paragraphs of random characters that approximate a normal distribution of letters know as Lorem Ipsum
February 2, 2010
Text Expander alternative for PC


I have been looking for tool very similar to TextExpander by Smile on my Mac. This is a great text replacement tool that allows you to type in some characters and the text gets replace. For example if I type in tx it gets replace with Thank You.

TextExpander is great, but its for Macintosh Only. Which is a problem since at work I use Microsoft Windows Server 2003.

I am currently testing Breevy, by 16 Software. So far the application works great! I am not seeing any performance issues with my computer. I run Visual Studio 2008, Outlook and several different browsers and don't see any performance hit by using a text expander program.

The application is very easy to install and can be access by clicking on the icon in the Task bar. The Typo Auto Correction is very cool as it automatically replaces misspelled words in any application.

I am still testing it out to see if its worth purchasing it for $29.95. I am liking the results that I see thus far, and I think that it will definitely help my performance at work. My trial period ends on March 1st.

January 13, 2010

GLFE.EXE Application

If you find any of these files in your C:WINDOWSTemp directory:


They are from the Weather Channel Application. It is safe to delete these temporary files, they are just uninstall applications that were created when you closed out of the Weather Channel during your computer start up.

October 22, 2009

Windows 7

Today is the launch of Windows 7. Let's see how this will help Microsoft in the long run. Both for the company and for people adapting to the new operating system. Some of the reviews I have read seem to think that Microsoft has redeem it self.

Microsoft closed at 26.58 yesterday and they currently have a Market Cap of 237.31B. Apple closed at 204.94 and they have a market cap of 184.39B.

October 20, 2009
Apple I in the Smithsonian National Museum of American History

Apple II at the Smithsonian.

Someone at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History doesn't like Apple. Click on the image to see a larger view of a exhibit at the Smithsonian. Notice the price of the Apple I. 

Someone at Reddit told me that the price is correct, and that its not some trick that someone at the Smithsonian did. I can't believe that to be true, but there is an old brochure that shows the price of the Apple I as the same as the one in the Smithsonian.

Next time I'll double check my facts before posting it.

September 30, 2009


Evernote is a great application. I use it to store all my reference material for work. The searching is great and its very easy to sort data into various Notebooks. I highly recommend the application.

There is one functionality that would make the application even better: keep the color syntax when I paste in text. I paste a lot of code from Visual Studio and Microsoft SQL and it would be much easier to read the text if the color syntax was still in place when I paste in the text.