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February 25, 2011

FTP On The Go

If you are looking at the iPhone/iPad application called "FTP On The Go" you should check out the protocol that your FTP server supports before getting the App.

Note: "FTP On The Go" does not support sftp, which is more common format that ftps. They do support the ftps protocol.

February 9, 2011

Real Networks

Looks like there's more trouble brewing at Real Networks, I really need to make a decision about my Real Audio page. Hmm, maybe I should buy the company and have exclusive rights to their technology.

RealNetworks layoffs continue as company cuts 10% in restructuring effort

Streaming media specialist RealNetworks, which earlier this year rolled out a revamped media player targeted at the mobile video market, said it's cutting its workforce by about 10 percent, or 130 jobs, in an effort to simplify and restructure its operations as it tries to reduce costs.

December 20, 2010

FreeLotto Anniversary

Today is my 10 year anniversary for joining FreeLotto. I don't think I have visited the site once in the past 9 years:

Dear Sir,
You are receiving this message because you joined FreeLotto on 2000-12-20 16:28:24, from IP Address When you registered you agreed to receive messages from FreeLotto. FreeLotto NEVER sends JUNK or SPAM messages. We never send mail to anyone unless they requested it when they registered. If you somehow didn't understand that you were agreeing to receive messages from us at the time you joined PLEASE CLICK HERE TO BE PERMANENTLY REMOVED FROM OUR LIST. In doing so you will also cancel your FreeLotto membership and you will no longer be eligible to play FreeLotto or receive up to $11,000,000.00 in daily prizes. We regret any inconvenience.
Thank you,
FreeLotto Member Services

I wonder if they will even let me know that it has been ten years. Maybe I should unsubscribe now?

December 16, 2010

SQL Server Date Query

Here are some simple mssql queries if you need to change the current date in a query. That is if you need to find information in the past and don't want to hard code in values.


Seven Days ago:

Last Year:

Last Hour:

More specifically you would do something like this:

Show all sales within the past hour:
Select * from orders where
salesdate > DATEADD(hour, -1, GETDATE())

October 20, 2010

WebAii Validate Current URL

Using Webaii, Use this code snip to validate the URL of the current page:

// Validate URL
StringAssert.Contains(ActiveBrowser.Url, "dev");

// URL Does Not Contain


October 19, 2010

WebAii InnerMarkup

Using WebAii and this code snip to search the HTML source of a page for some data:

// Check for value of a InnerMarkup
string TextString = ActiveBrowser.Find.ByAttributes("id=content").InnerMarkup.ToString();
StringAssert.Contains(TextString, "Company Name");

October 18, 2010

Webaii Finding Images

Using Webaii, here's how to validate that an image is loading correctly on a page:

// Validate Image on Page
Assert.IsNotNull(Find.ByAttributes<HtmlImage>("src=~logo.gif"), "Logo Image is not on the page");

Very useful to have as a code snip.

October 4, 2010

Computer Assignment

Found this online, guess its someone sick of answering people computer assignment, pretty funny:

CS 107 Assignment 106x: In this assignment, you will have to program a general purpose parse table that can store pointers to pointers to pointers to function optimization algorithms and perform holistic evaluation functions on each element. It utilizes the polymorphic parse table ADT that you worked on back in assignment zero. You will have to perform your own bug checking. A worthless test program is included to help you lick any bugs you might have. As you might have guessed, this assignment is very worthwhile, so start early. Due tomorrow at 2:00 in the morning. Submit the assignment telepathically to your section leader's former roommate.

September 27, 2010

New Trojan

There is a new Trojan that is spreading around the internet. McAfee calls it Generic.dx!tyc!5CC782B9137C (I guess they are running out of names for Trojans?)

If you are running Fiddler you'll probably see the following host sites appearing in the log:



The best bet is to update your Virus protection software and restart your computer. According to McAfee this Trojan isn't very harmful. However, in a corporate environment it can cause a network slow down, if there are many computers infected.

If you are unable to update your virus program, save your corporate network by adding host entries for and If you don't know anything about updating your host file, then you shouldn't mess around with it. 

September 16, 2010

YouTube Speed Test

YouTube has a pretty cool utility that is probably not known:

The YouTube video speed history shows the past video speeds of YouTube videos you watched from your location (your current browser at your current IP address). It also shows aggregate video speed by other users in your city, state, country, and worldwide.

t your Internet speed right now:

Very useful information on how Internet is over the past 30 days and how it compares to the national average.