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June 17, 2008

Mystery Spot

In the woods of the Santa Cruz Mountains in California lies a Mystery Spot. No one really knows what the mystery is, but its there and you'll see the spot.

Mystery Spot is a location where the laws of gravity do not apply. You'll see balls rolling up hill and people magically getting bigger. How does this happen? Why does only happen at this one spot?

Download the brochure and add it to your list of places to see in Silicon Valley. Its a fun stop over when going to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk this summer.

June 16, 2008

Job Search Worksheet

While conducting a Job Search in 2003, I found a lot of really good information on putting together a good search plan. I read a lot of good books and concentrated on the employment situation in Boston; what was in demand and how can my skills full that demand.

There's lots of ways to get a job, but the one thing that I learned is that being the best at what you do will always make you in demand. The key is to always be building on your skills and to be a better at what you do than the previous week.

Download this simple Job Search Worksheet and clearly define what you are looking for in a job.

June 13, 2008

Sir Crickets

In Orleans, Massachusetts there's two places to get good fried clams, Cookes Seafood and Sir Crickets. The good thing about Sir Crickets is that its open all year long and the prices are a little cheaper.

Its pretty easy to miss Sir Crickets, from the street it doesn't even look like a restaurant. The restaurant is in the same building as the Nauset Lobster Pool. Once inside you can smell all sorts of seafood cooking. The service is pretty quick, while everything is made to order, customers don't have to wait that long to enjoy their favorite seafood.

Download the take out menu from 2003. The prices might be slightly higher today, but I assure you that the food and the selection is the same. I would highly recommend stopping by Sir Crickets today.

June 12, 2008

Things to Do in LA

If your summer plans include a trip to LA, you should know there's a lot more to see than Disneyland, Universal Studios, and Hollywood Blvd. In fact there's at least 50 things to do in LA! What about San Fernando Mission, MOCA, Griffith Observatory, La Brea Tar Pits, and Tanguis?

During one of my trip preparations to LA, in 1999, I found a list of things to do in LA which was put together by the Burbank Hilton. The list is really useful and can give you some ideas to your exciting trip to LA. Who knew there would be so much to see?

If your looking for Hotels in the area, I would highly recommend staying at the Roosevelt Hotel, 7000 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028 (323) 466-7000 which is across the street from Mann's Chinese Theater. I also really like the Radisson Hotel, 7675 Crescent Ave, Buena Park, CA 90620 this is at Knotts Berry Farm.

Download the Things to Do in Los Angeles and discover Los Angeles!

June 10, 2008

Incredible Universe

If Walt Disney ever got into the retail business, he would have created a store like Incredible Universe. I first discovered this store in 1996 when I was driving across the country in the Salt Lake City area.

This was a fun electronic store; it had everything you could need in electronics in a fun atmosphere. The store had a nice layout and the employees were very friendly and extremely helpful.

Incredible Universe demise was a result of a more completive market space. Best Buy, Good Guys, Circuit City all offered many of the same electronics in better locations. Consumers might have enjoyed the Incredible Universe experience, but they spent their money at other stores.

I picked up a brochure when I was in the Sacramento, California store. Download the PDF version and see what the inside of the store looked like.

June 9, 2008

Las Vegas Hotel Information

Las Vegas is a fun place to go, there?s so much to see and do. There?s the famous shows, the night clubs, the endless buffets and of course the gambling.

Indian Casinos are appearing all over the country; however it?s no match for the history and excitement of Las Vegas. Vegas is the place to go for entertainment. It?s something special to say that you?re going to Vegas on vacation.

Las Vegas Blvd, commonly known as ?The Strip? is the place to stay when you?re in Las Vegas. The best place to stay is between the Luxor and the Mirage Hotels.

When I lived in California, I visited Las Vegas many times. I created a PDF document of all the popular hotels in Las Vegas, and used this to call the hotels and see if they had any weekend specials. I found lots of good deals by calling the hotels directly.

Download the Las Vegas Hotel Information and call your favorite hotel to see if there are any special promotions. You?ll be surprise on some of the deals the hotels are offering!

June 5, 2008


In Massachusetts there a couple of race tracks near the city of Boston, Wonderland and Suffolk Downs. Suffolk Downs is located in East Boston and where people can bet on horses. Wonderland is located just down the street from Suffolk downs in Revere and is where people can bet on Greyhounds.

Wonderland has been doing well over the years, its a nice place to go and watch and bet on Greyhounds. There's a nice restaurant that has a view of the track or players can walk around and enjoy snacks at the many eating booths near the track.

Its been a while since I have been to Wonderland. For some reason I saved a program from one of my trips to Wonderland. So I made a few pages available online so people who have never been to a dog track can see what a dog track program looks like.

June 4, 2008

Church Street Station

Church Street Station use the be a great place to visit in downtown Orlando. The idea was that after a long day at the various theme parks tourist would unwind at a friendly night spot.

The only problem was that the big theme parks - Disney World and Universal, saw the same business opportunity and created there own night spots. Disney World created Pleasure Island and Downtown Disney, and Universal created City Walk.

Universal started the whole night club at the theme park trend with the City Walk in Hollywood. It has become so popular that its a local hangout for LA residences. Various nightclubs are ranked the top night clubs in LA. Disneyland built Downtown Disney, but its nothing compared to Universal City Walk.

Today Church Street Station is nothing like it use to be. Download the brochure to see what the place looked like in the late 1990s. The barbecue ribs at Cheyenne Salon Restaurant were really good, and who could forget Terror on Church Street?

May 30, 2008

Liams at Nauset Beach

The 2009 summer season has started, time to put the winter jacket away and enjoy the nice weather. Overall the winter weather in New England wasn't that bad.

If your in New England, no summer is complete without a visit to Cape Cod. One of the best beaches on the Cape is Nauset Beach in Orleans. This is a beautiful beach that's easy to get to and offers plenty of parking.

One of the nice things about Nauset is that there's a restaurant right on the beach! You can walk right up and get anything you want at reasonable prices. Even ice cold ice cream on a hot day!

Visit Laims at Nauset Beach this summer and try their Fried Clams with their World Famous Onion Rings! A Cape Cod Tradition and a local favorite!

May 29, 2008

Desert Skiing

A year ago an email was going around about the Ski place being built in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The email was all about why we are paying $3.25 a gallon. Pretty cheap when you consider Waltham Massachusetts just hit a record $4.06 a gallon on Wednesday, May 28, 2008.

I saw the Ski Place being built on the Discovery Channel last year, they filmed the complete project. There were several challenges that the engineers had to face and it was pretty close to not happening because of these challenges.

If you haven't seen some of the photos, you can download the original email that was sent out.