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September 10, 2003

Fenway Job Fair

The Boston Globe had a Job Fair at Fenway Park this afternoon. This attracted as many as 5,000 job seekers and only 50 companies. Currently the employment rate in Massachusetts is 5.4, and Boston is 5.1. The lowest rate was 2.5 which happened in March of 2000.

I ate dinner at Quincy Market, and had some pretty good Whole Fried Clams. However, the clams at Sir Crickets in Orleans are much better. The clams cost $8.95 at one of the booths that has a sign which reads: 'World Famous Fries' (Which I though wasn't good). It was very quiet at 6:30 inside, but the resturants around the Market were pretty busy.

A pint of Sam Adams Summer Ale cost $4.95 at the Old Union Oyster House. I was surprise that they still had the Summer Ale since most stores are now selling the Winter Lager.

August 22, 2003

Comcast Internet

I am having problems with Comcast Internet service. It appears that they are not a reliable service as they are claiming to be. For some reason the service is not accessable for hours during the day. Regular cable service is available, but not internet service. Comcast tech support has told me the problem was with the modem and that I should get another one. Nope. Problem is with the service.

I can't recomend Comcast high speed Internet and if DSL is available in your area get it. details their experiences with Comcast and why they switched.

August 19, 2003 Advice

At a WND networking meeting this week Marcel Legrand, SVP Strategy, Planning & Research for talked about job hunting. In his speeched he listed 6 ways Recruiters view Job Hunters:
  1. Skeptical of their resumes- Only accept it as 3% face value
  2. Generalist
  3. Compair your resume with others
  4. They are not in the business to take risk on you
  5. Under lots of pressure
  6. Human Process "Sort of"
The above are from the notes I took at the meeting, but I'll see if others have better notes.
August 14, 2003

Economic Summit

Romney Marty Meehan held an Economic Summit at Northern Essex Community College in Haverhill, Massachusetts early this morning. Turnout was pretty large, consisting of mostly local business and political leaders.

Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney told the attendees the five criteria most business use in determine where to relocate thier business:

  1. Cost of doing business in the new location.
  2. Moving Incentives
  3. School, Saftey and Surrounding (3 S's)
  4. Strategic Assetts "Capitol Resources"
  5. People (Skills, Work Motivations)
Eastern US Blackout:
CNN was reporting that the power outage that lasted for 4 hours in much of New York, and parts of Canada was the first test of the Homeland Security Department. However, this isn't true. There has been plenty uses of the new department that was created on January 24, 2003:
  • Alerting the public of the threat of the Internet Worm
  • Changes to Airport Security
  • Handling the National Threat Level
August 8, 2003

Rush Limbaugh

rush_sm.jpg Curious on why I haven't been updating my Weblog everyday?

Well oddly enough Rush Limbaugh voiced his opinion of Weblogs in the closing minutes of his show this afternoon. He says that weblogs are created by want-to-be journalist who have nothing else to do.

Well I have been very busy of late. I have updated my personal website with some neat Quicktime commercials and PDFs. I am also working on other projects off line.

So while most people have the time to write long complex weblogs everyday, I just write one whenever I have the chance, or something worth saying.

Did you know:
It appears that Disney will be releasing a new Haunted Mansion Book The Haunted Mansion: From the Magic Kingdom to the Movies to tie in with the new movie coming out later this year!


July 3, 2003

Federal Do Not Call List

The newly installed, but not implemented, Federal Do Not Call List will have a positive impact on the economy. It will force companies to see alternative uses to promote their product or services. This will mean more money for the struggling advertising industry which has been hurt since October 2001.

As expected there was no traffic heading down to Cape Cod at 5:33pm this evening. I suspected that most people would have taken the day off and drove down earlier. I did hear that the Sagamore bridge had a 7 mile backup earlier in the day. It took exactly two hours to get from the Fleet Center on ramp to Orleans.

May 28, 2003

Priority Mail

Priority Mail
The United States Postal Service no longer carries the Priority mail envelopes with the windows in them. I was told by a postal employee that this was because they were too small and would not standout among regular mail.
May 21, 2003

American Idol

A West Coast Radio Station (KGO) announced the winner of the American Idol 2 hours before the final show aired on TV. The Radio station was from a competing network.
May 16, 2003

T-Mobile Scam

If you sign up for the Wi-Fi access at Starbucks and you select the no-contract plan, you should be aware that it costs $20 to cancel your account. T-Mobile claims this is an administrative charge.
March 17, 2003

Stock Market

The stock market reacts to certainty and not towards possible effects of war. (ie Less Business Travel, and Leisure expenditure)

Checking for .cgi? and .pl? in the message body of an email is a great way to alert you of SPAM that might have a tracker to see if you are reading the mail