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November 1, 2004

Down to the Wire!

The latest polls show that the President Election looks to be a very close one, with some radio stations saying that it could be closer than last time.

John Kerry will be having a party in Copley Square tomorrow night. I was planning on going in, however, it appears that it will be raining most of the night. I'll decide some time tomorrow if its worth being there in person. The last person to have a presidential party in Boston was Michael Dukakis.

We'll have to wait and see what happens.

October 14, 2004

Presidential Debate

At the Debate last night you might have noticed an eagle behind the two presidential canidates.

This eagle was pointing in the wrong direction!

Has the Eagle always faced the olive branch?

Yes, since the first die was cast, the eagle has always faced right and has held the olive branch in its right talon.

Presidential flags, seals (and coats of arms) showed the eagle facing left, towards the arrows, until 1945 when President Truman changed a number of items in the presidential flag and seal [Executive Order 9646].One of the changes was to have the eagle face right, towards the olive branch "This new flag faces the eagle toward the staff," Truman explained, "which is looking to the front all the time when you are on the march, and also has him looking at the olive branch for peace, instead of the arrows for war ...? President Truman meant the shift in the eagle's gaze to be seen as symbolic of a nation both on the march and dedicated to peace. It has remained that way ever since.

Contrary to a popular myth, the eagle in the Presidential seal does not flip his gaze during times of war. Although when Truman and Churchill were looking at the new symbol on a train car, Churchill remarked that he thought the eagle's head should be on a swivel. That may be the origin of the myth. In any case, it is incorrect. The arrows and olive branches are always held in the same claws.

September 21, 2004

John Kerry Top 10

John Kerry was on the David Letterman show last night.

Here is his Top 10 List:

Kerry's "Top 10 Bush Tax Proposals" are:

  1. No estate tax for families with at least two U.S. presidents.
  2. W-2 Form is now Dubya-2 Form.
  3. Under the simplified tax code, your refund check goes directly to Halliburton.
  4. The reduced earned income tax credit is so unfair, it just makes me want to tear out my lustrous, finely groomed hair.
  5. Attorney General (John) Ashcroft gets to write off the entire U.S. Constitution.
  6. Texas Rangers can take a business loss for trading Sammy Sosa.
  7. Eliminate all income taxes; just ask Teresa (Heinz Kerry) to cover the whole damn thing.
  8. Cheney can claim Bush as a dependent.
  9. Hundred-dollar penalty if you pronounce it "nuclear" instead of "nucular."
  10. George W. Bush gets a deduction for mortgaging our entire future.
July 28, 2004

Hope is on the Way

You can download the memorable phrase Hope is on the Way from John Edward's Convention speech:
So when you return home, you might pass a mother on her way to work the late-shift ? you tell her... hope is on the way.

When your brother calls and says that he's working all the time at the office and still can't get ahead ? you tell him... hope is on the way.

When your parents call and tell you their medical bills are through the roof ? you tell them ...hope is on the way.

When your neighbor calls you and says that her daughter has worked hard and wants to go to college ? you tell her... hope is on the way.

When you talk to your son or daughter who is serving this country and protecting our freedoms in Iraq ? you tell them...hope is on the way.

June 11, 2004

Ronald Reagan Funeral

There will be a special funeral services at the Washington National Cathedral beginning at 11:30 am (EST) for Ronald Wilson Reagan.

Many businesses in Washington DC are closed today in remembrance of Ronald Reagan, or because they are along the procession route.

ABC news mentioned something interesting on Wednesday during the ceremony at the Capitol Building, most people are paying tribute for things that Ronald Reagan did after 70.

Just something to think about as you watch the funeral services this morning.

May 17, 2004

John Kerry Day

Today is John Kerry day in Massachusetts. At least that what Howie Carr of WRKO said this past Friday. Today is the first day that gay couples can legally can get a marriage license. However, state law requires three days between the license and the ceremony. Many couples are seeking an exception from the waiting perioid from a judge, which is fairly common.

What happens today and over the next few weeks in Massachusetts could have a big play on John Kerry in certain key states. I would expect that John Kerry would have a low profile.

Gas Update: I drove by the same station where I filled up my gas last week and regular Unleaded is now $2 a gallon!

March 1, 2004

John Kerry

While in Washington DC last week I had an interesting discussion with a person manning the Vietnam POW booth at the base of the Lincoln Memorial.

It turns out that not a lot of Vietnam Veterans like John Kerry because of his Military record. I argued that if you are against John Kerry then you would have to be in favor with George Bush, who's military record is currently being scrutinized.

The guy was selling a bumper sticker that pointed to this website:

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday, and John Kerry is expected to wrap up the nomination and mathematically eliminating John Edward's Presidential campaign.

February 14, 2004

Hidden Message

Did you know that George Bush thinks outsourcing US Jobs to foreign countries like India is good for the economy? Well its true!

"This week, Americans learned something important. Exporting jobs isn't an accident ? it's administration policy," Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle, chief author of the Jobs for America Act, told reporters on Capitol Hill.?
Members of Congress put together the 'Jobs for America Act' in response to?President Bush's annual?economic report, released Monday,?in which he highlighted the benefits of sending jobs to other countries.

Last Tuesday, Democratic presidential candidate Sen.?John Kerry launched his attack against the president's call for outsourcing.?

?In their economic report, the Bush administration said that sending American jobs overseas is good for America and good for the economy. They've delivered a double blow to America's workers ? 3 million jobs destroyed on their watch, and now they want to export more of our jobs overseas. What in the world are they thinking?"

February 8, 2004

Bush on the Offensive

Today George W. Bush went on the offensive and appeared on "Meet the Press." However it was a pretty bad interview as it appeared that he didn't prepare. Most of his answers appeared to be vague and he almost seem surprise by some of the questions Tim Russet was asking.

Currently Bush's approval rating is below 50%, which isn't good for a sitting President in an election year.

January 20, 2004

Congrat to John Kerry!

John Kerry took Iowa by storm last night by winning the primary over Howard Dean, the early favorite. In the past few days, John Kerry, was doing well in the polls and it looked like he was going to win. However, members of the media were quick to point out that it was all based on the turn outs and that Howard Dean and Dick Gephardt had a large team on the ground. In the end, most analysis said that John Kerry and second place finisher Sen. John Edwards look more presidential.

New Hampshire is next week, and all the candidates are already hitting the state this morning, keeping the momentum going. The weird thing is Dick Gephardt has TV ads running right now, even thou he is expected to formally announce that he is no longer a presidential candidate. I guess this is why TV stations ask for money up front before running the ads.

On WRKO in Boston this morning were picking theme songs for the canidates:

In an effort to give the candidates more character, and possibly a more appealing campaign, Blute and Scotto began searching and soliciting phone calls for Candidate theme music. So far, we came up with: The Doors "The End" for John Kerry, "Andy Griffith theme" for John Edwards, Canned Heat "Goin' up the Country" for Howard Dean, and Beck "Loser" for Dick Gephardt.