October 5, 2009

New Car Shopping

After 91,219 miles, I decided that its time to get a new car and so this weekend we went looking for a new car to replace my 2000 Subaru Impreza. I decided that its best to get a new car now while the existing car has some trade in value. I didn't want my Subraru to end up like my 1993 Saturn SC2.

We first went to Bernardi Toyota, a Toyota Dealership in Framingham, to look at the Matrix and other Toyotas. After finding out that the Matrix wouldn't be a good option for us since the trunk space is too small. We decided to test drive the Rav4. The car was fun to drive, the only thing that caught my eye was that the windshield seemed bigger than the Subaru or Jeep.

After test driving the 2009 silver Rav4 with 4,000 miles, and telling him that I was undecided on the car and going to other dealerships the following conversation happened:

"When can you come back to get a quote. How about Thursday before 5," he asked.

"No, Wednesday would be better," I responded.

"Fine, Wednesday would be better since that's when the Used Sales Manager will be in to help evaluate your trade in."

"Ok, see you Wednesday." and we shook hands and walked out the door with out a quote for the car or him telling me anything about my Subraru trade in value. They didn't seem to want to sell me a car. Keep in mind we were looking at a used car and someone else might have come in get it.

What's more confusing is that its 2009, and aren't car dealers hurting right now? Don't they need all the business that they can get?

We drove down the street to MetroWest Subaru and purchased a new Subaru. What's weird is that the sales person was the same person that I saw a couple of years ago. The car buying process was very easy and the sales person worked within my budget to get the deal done.

Subaru wanted to sell me a car, and they were able to match the price that I was willing to pay. I am excited that I am getting a new car in a couple of days.