December 29, 2020

Best New England Blog Posts

During the Spring and Summer months, I blogged about various New England locations. It was fun thinking up all the various locations that I have visited over the years.

Here are 8 of those posts that are worth reading:

New England Desktop
New England Mobile

Best Blog Post

OceanEdge Beach at Sunset - Great Place to enjoy a sunset over the Cape Cod bay

Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary - Fun Facts about the popular Wildlife Sanctuary

Graveyard of Dearly Depinted - Fun Graveyard to visit at the Ben & Jerry's Headquarters

Bewitched Statue in Salem - Fun facts about the Bewitched statue in Salem, Massachusetts

Salem Witch Museum - Fun Facts about the Salem Witch Museum

Sturbridge Village - Old Sturbridge Village is a great place to learn about colonial New England

Minuteman Statue in Concord Massachusetts - Fun Facts about the Minuteman Statue in Concord

Our Lady of Fatima Shrine - Some fun facts about this popular shrine site

Will Be Back in 2021

I plan on revisiting this topic again sometime in 2021.


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