May 26, 2020

House of Worship

One of the big surprises in Massachusetts phase one reopening is that house of worship can now open. There are some important rules that they must follow - at least in phase one.

This is a surprise as many churches expected to stay close through much of the summer.

SBS Church
SBS Church

Key Rules

  • Limited capacity of occupancy in the building - at least 45% of max capacity.
  • Social Distancing must be maintained while in Church. Everyone must be 6-feet from each other.
  • Face Masks must be worn at all times.
  • Reservations are required - so if someone is tested after service others can be informed.
  • No singing during services.
  • Church must be cleaned after every service.

Complexity For Churches

Many churches are excited to get parishioners back. However all the rules and restrictions are likely to defer people from attending services.

Most parishioners are older and in the key group of people that need to be careful about attending public events. They are likely going to stay home and continue to watch services via Livestream.

Churches take a risk because if a parishioner is later found to have the virus then the church will have a deep cleaning and that could cost thousands of dollars.


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