March 18, 2020

Random Image Generator

Swift Publisher has a feature where you can add Random Image patterns. This can be useful as a background or as a special effect in your document.

You can find the tool by going to Insert > Image > Generate Random...

Swift Publisher Random
Sample of some of the images generated by the Random Image Generator in Swift Publisher.

Four Things I Learned

The effects are a small subset that is available in the Image Tricks Pro application, which is a separate application by Belight that cost $9.99.

There are effects in four different categories: Science, Lines & Fields, Gradient and Laying. A total of 20 effects available in Swift Publisher. In Image Tricks, there are 110 Core Image filters and 35 Quartz Compositions.

The default size is 400 by 400. You can define the size of the generated image by clicking on the Size button. In my test, I found that even if you pick the size of the document, it still shows up about 50% of the document size when you click the 'Ok' button. You can easily resize the generated image to fit your document.

Each Image generated selection has a unique set of parameters.

Random Image Dialog

Random Swift Publisher Dialog

Screenshot of some of the options of the Random Image function in Swift Publisher.


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