March 4, 2020

New Feature: Now you can add backside!

Last week Swift Publisher did a software update to offer users the ability to edit the Front and Backside of envelopes, business cards, postcards and more.

Here's what the Front/Backside change does.

Previous Version

In the Swift Publisher 5.5.2 (v4152), you can't add another page to envelopes, business cards, and postcards. This prevents you from having the backside in the same document. You would have to create a new document to create a backside.

Swift Publisher552

The Page Preview doesn't have the '+' and '-' options.

New in Swift Publisher

With the latest update, users can now add a single backside to their envelopes, business cards, and postcards. This is done by selecting the page preview and clicking on the '+' button.

Note: You can only have one backside. You still can't create multiple cards at the same time.

Swift Publisher Evelopes New

Note: In the Envelope view, you don't have the view of the backside of the envelope. So you don't know where the paper fold is.

Bug Found

While playing around with Swift Publisher, I found an interesting bug. This occurs in both the current and previous release.

  • Create a new Document via the Template Gallery.
  • In the Template Gallery, select Blank in the Cards category and then double click on "New Card..." it's the top left choice.
  • When the Document window open you have a dialog box with Cards and Item1, and everything else is blank.
  • In the "Compatible" section is the "Lorem ipsum dolor sit er...""
  • What you should see, are some template choices for the Cards. (At least that what you see if you perform the same action on other Blank items such as Envelopes and Business Cards.)

Here's a screenshot of the bug:

Swift Publisher Card Bugs


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