April 28, 2019

Complete Guide to Driving Electric & Hybrid Cars

Have you been thinking of joining the millions of people getting an Electric or Hybrid car? You probably have lots of questions about all the differences between the different car types.

Fortunately there's a resource that can help - the Hendy Group put together a wealth of information in the "A Complete Guide to Driving Electric & Hybrid Cars in the 21st Century."

Hendy Electric Cars Guide2019

Five Reasons to Check out the Guide

Here's some compelling reasons to check out the guide.

  • Learn the breakdown of Co2 Emissions over a car's lifespan
  • Easy to Understand how Electric and Hybrid cars work.
  • Do you know the first Electric cars were popular before the Wright Brother's discovered how to fly?
  • Learn the commitments being made by major manufactures to build more energy efficient cars.
  • Some things to consider when buying the right car for you.

Most important reason is that the guide is presented in a very informative way.


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