February 21, 2019

Norman B. Leventhal Map & Education Center

If your looking for any type of map, chances are you'll find it at the Norman B. Leventhal Map & Education Center in the Boston Public Library in Copley Square.

BPL Map Room

Four Reasons to Visit the Map Room

  • Lots of Historical Documents

    There are 200,000 historic and contemporary maps and 5,000 atlases. The Largest Collection in New England is the Osher Map Library at the University of Maine - 300,000 maps

  • Lots of Books on Maps

    There are all sorts of map books - from Maps of the Holy Land to detailed printed maps of every city and town in New England. Looking for a road map of Aruba? You'll find it in the Map Room.

  • Lots of Map Games for Everyone

    There's plenty of creative map games in the back of map room - fun for all ages! What a fun way to spend a few hours - playing map games in the Map Room. (Try the Scrambled States of America Game!)

    Enjoy learning about geography with a large collection of maps to help with the learning.

  • Boston Map Overlay

    You can see a old map of Boston overlay to what the city looks like today. You can see how Washington Street was an important street.


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