February 14, 2019

Memorial Hall

Located in the center of the State House is Memorial Hall. This is where some historical paintings and historic flags are located. The hall was created as a memorial to those that fought and died in the Civil War.

Memorial Hall

Five Reasons to Not Miss the Memorial Hall at the Massachusetts State House

  • Battle Flags - At one time there were 300 different types of battle flags on display. Now you can see the actual battle flags from the Spanish-American War and the two World Wars.
  • Stars and Stripes Flag (1781) - A 13-star flag was created in 1781 for Jonathan Fowle. This is the oldest flag in the Massachusetts Flag Collection.
  • Historical Paintings - On the balcony above Memorial Hall are several paintings. There’s the “Mayflower”, “John Eliot Preaching to the Indians” and “Concord Bridge on April 19, 1775"
  • Stain Glass Window - Above the Hall is a large stain glass skylight which displays the all the seals of the original colonies.
  • Marble - It cost $309,118 to build the hall. There are six different varieties of marble on the floor - White Italian, Pavonazzo, Grand Antique, Languedoc, Siena and Vert Campan.


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