December 24, 2018

Alexa: Real Audio Sounds

My Real Audio Sounds page has been online since 1997 - when this website launched. It was created as a test to see the streaming capabilities of Real Audio Software. Streaming media online was still new, as much of the home internet usage was still dial-up.

The page has about 155 short audio clips from various commercials to music clips that I had put together over the years. The page hasn't gotten much traffic as Real Audio is a bit of an old technology now. You still need to download Real Audio Codex to play the clip through Quicktime.

Alexa Real Audio Sounds

Now Alexa Enabled

Amazon Alexa seems to be the next hot streaming media technology, so I decided to port over the top twenty popular short clips to be played on Alexa.

Enable 'Real Audio Sounds' and check out some of the classic clips.

Sample ways to run the skill.

  • Alexa, Tell Real Audio Sounds for a Sample Clip.
  • Alexa, Tell Real Audio Sounds for Cape Cod Sound.
  • Alexa, Ask Real Audio Sounds for Help.

If the skill becomes popular, I'll port over more audio clips to the collection.

Try it out, and enjoy!


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