December 10, 2018

Evernote Ten Year Anniversary

Today marks the Ten Anniversary of using EverNote! There is only on other internet services that I have that is older - Flickr.

Evernote is a popular note taking application that makes it easy to store any type of data. You can jot down information, capture web content and save images.

My Evernote Fun Facts

  • 28,403 Notes
  • 2,187 Notes in the Trash
  • Oldest note that I have is from December 17th, 2008 and its my copy of my Unix Tips file from a plain text file.
  • Only 1 note was shared with another person in the past ten years
  • Currently I have 93 "Notebooks" in Evernote and 5 stacks
  • Largest Notebook is "History," 5,256, where I was storing screenshots of popular websites. I have turned off that process.
  • I have never gotten close to reaching my Monthly Usage.

EverNote Book

Looked for Alternatives

Over the past year, I have been seriously exploring other note-taking applications, and haven't found a good alternative. My "Plus" subscription runs out in June, and I don't know if I'll stay with it. It may not be an option as Evernote may discontinue that subscription level.

Five Reason To Keep Evernote

  1. Great Web Clipper - Really easy to get internet content in for reference later. There are extensions for different browser types.
  2. IFTTT - If This Then That integration allows me to insert notes based on different situations. For example, I can track when people post Haunted Mansion items on eBay.
  3. Search - It's great to have PDF and OCR search built into Evernote. Search has been a great resource over the years.
  4. Multiple Platform Use - I am able to have the same Evernote experience on my Samsung Tablet, iPhone, and MacBook. Makes it easy to use and put in data where ever I am.
  5. Multiple Entry Points - I can create a note via Web Clipper, Email, IFTTT Action, Mac Menu Bar - just to name a few.

What I wish Could be better

  • More Customizations - I would like to change the notebook icons and add covers.
  • Better Tables - Other notebook providers are building in equations and functions into tables.
  • Better Exports - It would be so much better to have an option copy text in HTML format instead of RichText.
  • Faster Interface - Make it easy to type in information such as converting text to bullet list or sub-headers.

Still an Important Part of my Workflow

Evernote is a great application and still an important part of my business and person computer use. I would have never thought, ten years ago that I would still be using the application on a daily bases.


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