November 25, 2018

Understanding Electric Cars

Electric Cars are a big hit. Chances you might have seen all the electric stations that are appearing in parking lots in malls and airports. Seems that more and more people are buying them as they are getting to be more affordable.

Have you wondered what's the hype all about? With all the different manufacturers, there's so much technology to learn. Thankfully businesses like Exchange and Mart makes it simple. They put out an Electric Guide that gives you a great overview of the Electric Car market.

If you're in the car buying market, it's worth a quick read to know your options.

Exchange and Mart

Offers plenty of valuable information

  • A beginner-friendly introduction to electric cars (EVs) and why they're increasingly becoming popular.
  • Differences between electric cars and hybrid electric/diesel models, as well as examples of brands and models of EVs in the market today.
  • Government grants, tax advantages, and other public support enjoyed by electric car owners.
  • Other useful information, advice, and resources to help you decide if an electric car is right for you.

Four Things I learned from reading the Document

  • While the document focuses on the UK market, many of the technologies certainly apply to cars sold in the United States.
  • Amazing how electric cars were once a big hit, but it was Henry Ford and the Combustion Engine that priced out a lot of people.
  • There are various type of electric cars with the Nissan Leaf being the current market leader.
  • The guide does a great job explaining what you may need to do to help charge the car from home. How a simple installing a special charging point can help charge the car up faster.


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