November 21, 2018

802.11ac WiFi

The latest iPhone XS Max is using the 802.11ac WiFi speed. Which is pretty fast, it can download files at 1 Gbps compared to 600 Mbps using the old standards. It's the latest and greatest WiFi speed that has been available for a few years.

Wi Fi Chart
How WiFi Speeds has changed since 1999

Seven things I Learned about 802.11ac

  1. Available since June 2012 in some laptops, most popular adoption came in 2013 when Apple announced MacBook Pro would be using the 802.11ac band
  2. The IEEE naming convention has 802.11ac is now called Wi-Fi 5.
  3. Apple has been using the 802.11ac standard in iPhones since the iPhone 6.
  4. Google WiFi has support for 802.11a/b/g/n/ac. The iPhone automatically picks ups the higher WiFi standard.
  5. The 802.11ac range is only 140-feet
  6. You can test your Speed using Verizon or SpeedTest.Net iOS App.
  7. The latest Wi-Fi technology is 802.11ax, otherwise known as Wi-Fi 6. There is no router or hardware that is using this.

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