July 1, 2018

Yawkey Station Name Change

Earlier this year the Yawkey Way, one of the streets that borders Fenway Park, was renamed back to 'Jersey Street.' John Henry wanted this to be done since the Red Sox was the last Major League team to integrate. Many people place the blame on the slow integration with Tom Yawkey.

The street name officially became Yawkey Way on January 25, 1977. It was reverted back to Jersey Street on May 3, 2018. A duration of 15,074 days Or 41 years, 3 months, 9 days.

Jersey Street

MBTA Commuter Rail Station is Next

Did you know that there are plans underway to change the MBTA Commuter rail - 'Yawkey Station.' Representatives Balser of Newton and Byron Rushing of Boston filed a Bill to get the station name changed.

According to various MBTA sources, one name that is not available is 'Fenway Park' - because there is a green line stop called 'Fenway Park' and having two station names can be confusing. People may think it goes to the same stop, as they don't they are far apart from each other.

What do you think the new station name will be?


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