May 26, 2018

Frame Effect at Tuxpi

Occasionally there's a need to add a frame surrounding a picture. Fortunately there's an online tool to make it easy with lots of customize options - Tuxpi a simple Online Photo Editor.

Website Description

60 Photo Editing Tools

  • Change colors, create montages and add text to pictures.
  • Crop, rotate and resize pictures with ease.
  • Edit photos with many different effects.
  • Add picture frames and borders.
  • Online photo editor - works directly in your web browser.

Tuxpi Frame

There's plenty of cool special effect and features in Tuxpi, but the Wood Frame feature is something that isn't offered anyplace else online - at least I haven't been able to find anyone else offering it. There are 18 different wood textures to pick from. Oh, and if the wood frame look isn't your style, there's solid color and 16 other different Frame and Border styles to pick from. For example there a Fruits frame with 9 different textures to pick from.

Sample Frames

State House Frame

Boston Frame


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