March 27, 2018


Swipes is a great companion application for Evernote for anyone that manages to-do lists. Swipes give the To-Do items front and center attention. You know what needs to get done, and you can cross off the items from the list with a simple left swipe.

Application Description from the Developer

Swipes helps you automatically collect all your tasks in one place, organize them according to your personal priorities and then work on a single task at a time to achieve better focus. The task management tool, which is fully-integrated with Gmail and Evernote, is used by high achieving individuals and companies in more than 140 countries around the world.

Based on gestures and smart integrations, Swipes lets you plan your day, focusing on what's really important. It utilizes the best of technology and design to naturally guide you to improve your habits and workflow, so you get a success experience of completing your tasks for the day rather than storing plans into lists.The tool stands on the shoulders of a powerful productivity concept called the Swipes Way - Collect, Organize, Take Actions.

Things I learned About Using Swipes

I played with Swipe for a few days on my iPhone 6s Plus. Here are my thoughts on using it:

  • Swipes is good for task list reminders. You don't get many details on the list, there is no ability to click and get more information on the list items.
  • Integration with Evernote is awesome. When I sync with Evernote all the notes that had checkbox items showed up ready to be imported. I discovered a lot of notes that I didn't know that had unchecked tasks.
  • Simple To-Dos helps you stay focus, and plan your day. You'll get more done with a simple To-Do reminder list.
  • Swipe Reminders work best as bullet point items (Think Powerpoint slides - don't go into details in the notes.
  • You can tag a note 'Swipes' and it will appear in the application. Making it easy to manage to-do lists on different platforms. (For example, if you use a MacBook for Evernote and have an Android phone.)
  • List items are tag so they work the same way as Evernote tags. You filter things based on tags.
  • Didn't use the time reminders, as most of my list items are action based and not under any time constraints.
  • Takes a while to understand the functionalities. For example, there's a place to add notes, but it's related to the list group, not the individual note items.
  • Not really good for shopping. I like AnyList App. You can put in pictures and detail descriptions without making the list hard to read. (Better List Separators)
  • You can tag Evernote notes as 'swipes' and they will appear in the Swipes App. (Cool Instant Add!)

Give it a Try!

Download Swipes from the App store and try it out yourself. Don't have any To-Do lists? Download my "Things to Do before Leaving, for most trips" shared Evernote checklist.

Things To Do Evernote

There's also an Android and Mac OS apps version of Swipes. They all work the same way as the iOS version.

A Subscription version is coming with some unidentified feature. "Unlock Swipes Premium for $4.99/month or $49.99/year: Upgrading to Swipes Premium will add yet to be announced features and will be available through an auto-renewing subscription."

At the End of the day...

I feel that AnyList is a clearly a better to-do list application. The only exception there's no integration with Evernote.

With AnyList I can:

  • Create shared based notes - Think family grocery shopping list
  • Attach pictures - so there's no confusion on the item
  • Location Base Reminders - Heading to Target? Don't forget to get some Aspirin


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