February 27, 2018

Evernote Android Home Screen

Evernote's Android users have a slight advantage over those that manage Evernote in iOS. Android users can pin the link to notes to their device home screen.

Evernote Samsung

This is done simply by clicking on the three dots on the top of any note, and then selecting "Add to Home Screen." This makes it easy to open those important notes.

This isn't limited to notes, you can also pin Notebooks. Making it super easy to access common notebooks that you may use on your Android device. (Especially those notebooks that are marked as offline.)

iOS Hack

Over on the Evernote support board, CalCS offered a quick hack to get this working on iOS. This will have to do until an official feature is implemented in iOS.

CalCS Hack:

  • Go to the note you want.
  • Go the envelope looking icon and select copy link.
  • Go to Safari and paste and go the link.
  • Don't open in EN the first time.
  • Go to the envelope icon in safari and select Add to Home Screen.
  • You now have a link to the note on your home screen.
  • Home Screen Clutter?

    Some may argue this feature will cause users to clutter their home screen. However, the same type of feature is available for Safari bookmarks, and I don't think people have been abusing that.


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