October 30, 2017

2017 Pumpkin Decoration

This weekend we did some pumpkin carving, but instead of doing a typical Disney design we decided to do something different. We decided to put hidden Mickey's on our pumpkin.

Here's some of our past designs:

Disney Pumpkins

2017 Change Up

This year we decided to make a bunch of hidden Mickey's on the pumpkin. This was the easiest Disney pumpkin decoration that we have ever done. The only tool need we need was a drill with different drill bits.

2017 Pumpkin

How We did it

We used two drill bits on our Craftman drill:

  • Mickey head was a 3/8 bit
  • Ears were the 21/64 bit

We first did all the heads, and then we switched bits and did the ears.

After we put about 20 ears on the pumpkin, we went back and took an even smaller bit and drilled random holes on the pumpkin.


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