September 5, 2017

Orange Leaf - Natick, Massachusetts

Do it yourself yogurt places are coming and going. They all have the same business model, let the customer pick their ice cream and topping and then they pay by weight.

The one place that stands out from all the rest is Orange Leaf. They have a flat rate based on the cup size.

Customers pick the size they want. There are no surprises when you get to pay. Which is good to know!

Orange Leaf

Allergy Friendly Toppings

If you have any food allergies you may shy away from such places. Such places could be a cross contamination nightmare.

However, Orange Peel has a special section behind the counter. They have special sprinkles containers where you can put on allergy free toppings. There's a sign above them that indicate they are for those that have allergies.

As for the soft serve ice cream, they had a large selection with only one of them that wasn't gluten free. (Cookie and Cream)

Orange Leaf

You can find Orange Leaf in Natick at the Route 27 / 9 plaza.


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