July 23, 2017

Government Grant Scam

The Scammer

Recently I have been calls about how I won a $9,000 grant. However, in order to collect the grant I have to pay $250 in Steam Card. Yes, this is a scam. Seriously who would collect a payment using Steam Cards?

The scam works by keeping you on the phone while you go to the store to get the gift card. They don't want to risk you talking to anyone else that might inform you that it's a scam. They will insist on staying on the phone and then "order you" to get the card.

The Federal Government will never ask you to pay for any processing fee to get a loan. In addition, they will not require a payment method by a gift card.

$9,000 Government Grant Scam

You can read about the scam New America Media website and on Scam Detector.

In my last call, I told them that it would be a while before I could get to the store. These are the phone numbers that have been calling me back to see if I have gotten the cards:

  • (202) 470-0947
  • (202) 350-0969
  • (202) 643-6782

Don't be fooled, just because these are Washington DC numbers, doesn't mean that they are actually calling from Washington DC. Once when I called the number, I heard "Google Voice" isn't able to transfer the phone number.


wrightknows@yahoo.com - August 11, 2017.

Just called by them. Confirmed my name, address, cell # and then told me all about how the United States Treasury Department is offering a $9,000 grant - randomly selected by those in good standing with the Government. Game me a call back #, an Authorization ID# and then wanted me to select either a Direct Deposit to me Bank Account through Electronic Transfer or Western Union. I chose Western Union - kept encouraging me to call 202-470-0947 to collect me US Grant of $9,000. Very interesting how the US Government Treasury has selected to use Western Union to handle all their transactions.....

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