May 20, 2017

Diver Dave Hoses

This weekend we are emptying the water in the pool so that we can put in a pool liner. We are having someone come over and do the installation.

Ugly Pool Water
Ugly Pool Water

First thing first we need to get rid of all the pool water.

We have a couple of Flotec Tempest Water Removal Utility Pumps that we connected to the pool. They work great. Just don't seem to be a good resource to empty out a 14,645 gallon (52996 Liters) size pool.

According to the Flotec website, the pumps are supposed to have a flow of 1260 Gallons Per Hour. I wasn't seeing that kind of flow in my testing.

Diver Dave to the Rescue

One thing that I discovered was really helpful was connecting some of the Diver Dave hoses and then siphon out the water. The Diver Dave Hoses are 1 1/2 inches wide, which makes the water flow so much faster.

I did a 5-gallon bucket test and discovered that using the Diver Dave hoses, and a simple siphon I was able to get the 5-gallon bucket filled up in 30-seconds. Which means that 600 additional gallons of water were leaving the pool every hour.

We have a lot of the Diver Dave hoses, so I was able to have two siphons stations set up and get a total of 1,200 gallons of water an hour. This means that for a 14,645-gallon pool, it will take roughly 12 hours to empty the pool.

Because a lot of water comes out, I have to move around the hoses so that I don't cause a flood of water to any of my neighbor's yards.

Diver Dave Hose Flow
Diver Dave water flow is larger than a standard hose.

Using Garden Hoses

Garden hoses are good. But they are 1/2 the size of the Diver Dave hoses, which means that it would take 24 hours to empty the pool. Might be a good solution if I didn't have that many Diver Dave hoses available.

The good thing Diver Dave Hose has over standard hoses is that it's less likely a leaf will stop the flow.

Be Creative!

If you need to empty out the pool, check out the pool hoses that you have and consider using them to make the process go quickly!


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