May 14, 2017

New Enforcement being Issued at MBTA Commuter Parking lot

On a private commuter group that I am on, there has been reports that commuters have gotten tickets on their cars.

MBTA Parking Board

Did you know that MBTA Parking Police can write you a ticket for an expired inspection sticker?

According to the list of ticketable offenses, the MBTA police can also write up a ticket for not renewing your car inspection. Its a $50 fine!

Note: If a Boston Police Office was to ticket you for the same offense, it would only be a $40 fine. Not exactly sure why it would be more in the MBTA Parking Lot.

Insurance Citation Points

What's worst is that it counts as a point towards your insurance.

In Massachusetts, if you get a ticket for an expired vehicle inspection sticker it is the equivalent of a moving violation.

According to the Massachusetts Department of Insurance, surcharge points are incurred if you:

  • Cause an at-fault accident
  • Convicted of or pay a fine for a traffic law violation
  • Aassigned to an alcohol education program

An expired inspection sticker is considered "paying a fine for a traffic law violation."

A $50 ticket results increased insurance costs for 6 years! If you have a perfect driving record, that can amount to about a 20% increase (!!) the first three years. The premium will go down for the following three years.

Why all the recent tickets?

Are more people forgetting to renew their car inspections?

Probably not.

Massachusetts is facing a revenue shortfall in 2017 and there is speculation that the police have increased fine enforcement. The fiscal year ends next month.

Members of the private commuter group are speculating that a memo was sent to the MBTA Parking enforcement team to check for inspection stickers to help make up for lost revenue.


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