December 24, 2016

(716) 210-9393

If you get a call from (716) 210-9393 it's American Home Security. An automated machine greets you. Apparently, a human doesn't have to deal with the all the hang ups.

Automation Bleep Sound

You can tell that it's going to be some type of automation system because as soon as you say, "Hello" you'll hear a bleep sound.

Yes, the bleep tells you that an automated system dialed your number. You are the winner of the lucky phone number lottery.

(716) 210-9393

The number is located in Pendleton, NY, and there is no American Home Security office in Pendleton, NY. This is clearly a scam or phone bait type of call.

The system tries to pick a "local" number with the hope you would answer it. I believe a lot of these "local" numbers were old AOL modem dial-in access points.

Time to Play!

I like to mess with their "Automation" process a bit. As soon as I hear the bleep sound I know that it's a scam waiting to happen.

Here's a brief transcript of a past call.

Caller: "This is American Home Security, how are you doing?"
Me: "Terrible"
Caller: [Click]

If you get them to hang up, the system may reject your number from future calls. Then again, maybe they will keep trying until they win.

Other Situations

Caller: "Are you the Homeowner?"
Me: Sometimes
Caller: "Do you own your home?"
Me: "We are borrowing it"

I try to use words that they don't expect. I do this to see if I can confuse the automation system.

Every once in a while it might be hard to determine if the caller is a human or a machine, I have a script for that.

Caller: "Are you the Homeowner?"
Me: "Wow, there was a big storm going by your area, did you loose power"
Caller: "I am sorry, Are you the Homeowner?"


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