November 14, 2016

Indiana Jones Stunt Spectator

There are Internet rumors that the Indiana Jones Stunt spectator will soon be closing. I would highly recommend visiting the attraction, if it is open during your visit. (I'll update this post on when it does officially close.)

Indiana Jones Stunt

The Indiana Jones Stunt Spectator is a live theater-type attraction. Disney guest have the opportunity to see/learn how stuntman work in action. The show features loud noise and fire effects. The show re-creates several of the popular scenes from the "Raiders of the lost Ark" movie. The show is located in Disney Studios near Echo Lake.

Disney's official description

Cheer on Indy and Marion as they perform amazing stunts with blazing special effects to demonstrate move-making magic.

Attraction Tips

  • When you arrive at the park, check out the show schedule and plan to arrive at least a 1/2 hour before the show to get good seats. (Arrive earlier if you have a large party.)
  • The ride rarely shuts down due to inclement weather.
  • There is a special entrance for wheelchair guests and their family.
  • Best seats are the lower ones in the center row. When you enter the theater it looks like the left seats are the best, but the main stage moves and the center seats are the best location for most of the show.
  • The earlier you arrive the best chances you have for being selected to be part of the show.
  • The show does start suddenly and Jones appears unexpectedly.

Fun Facts

  • The first stunt show occurred on August 25, 1989.
  • The show was originally was planned for 5 years, but kept getting extended due to popularity.
  • The stunt theater holds 2,000 people and will fill capacity
  • The show last about 25 minutes.
  • The Indiana Jones Show is the only place in all of Disney theme park properties that get to wear their own clothes.
  • The golden idol is an exact replica of the one from "Raiders of the Lost Ark." There is no Mickey face on the golden idol.
  • The spears in the Indiana Jones Show come straight up. As where in the movie they came from the sides.
  • The floor spears in the Indiana Jones show are activated by pads on the ground that the stuntman steps on to bring them up. Yes, they can hurt someone. Since the Stuntman controls the spears, they will know when and where they will appear.
  • The giant rolling ball weighs a heavy 440 pounds.
  • The first act moving sets weigh around 100 tons making them the heaviest moving sets in history.

Need a Movie Idea?

The Raiders of the Lost Ark would be a good movie to watch on the airplane as you travel to Orlando. This way some of the famous scenes and characters are fresh in your mind.


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