July 31, 2016

Vocabulary Definitions

I found the following document in my "High School" bin in the attic. This is a document that I got from a computer science department class in school. Here are some computer vocabulary definitions in the late 1980s:

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Vocabulary Definitions

  • Keyboard -- typewriter with letter, number, and symbol keys; people tell the computer what they want it to do by typing characters on the keyboard.
  • characters -- the letters, numbers, and symbols you can type on the keyboard.
  • monitor -- a screen, like a TV set, where people can see information that they type into the computer and see the information that the computer gives back to them.
  • disk -- a thin circle of magnetic tape in a plastic cover that holds information for the computer to use; it's similar to a cassette tape.
  • disk drive -- a rectangular unit that you put the disk into; it reads information from and writes information onto the disk.
  • printer -- a machine that types information from the computer onto paper.
  • hard copy -- the printed text that comes out of the printer.
  • hardware -- the computer and all its attachments (disk drives, monitor, and printer).
  • software -- the programs used with the computer, and stored on the disks, that give the computer directions.
  • cursor -- the small flashing rectangle on the screen that shows you where you are.
  • text -- the words you write and read on the computer.
  • SHIFT -- key on the keyboard to get capital letters.
  • CONTROL (or CTRL) -- key on the keyboard to change commands.
  • boot -- to load a program into the computer


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