July 11, 2016

Geographic Center of the Magic Kingdom

The Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom has changed a lot since it opened on October 1, 1971. Just about every land had major changes. Liberty Square is the only land which didn't have any major changes.

According to the latest calculations, the current geographic center of the Magic Kingdom is right here:

Centerof The Kingdom

The Geographic Center of the Magic Kingdome is directly opposite of the “Tips and Show Times” information center as you leave Main Street USA and walk towards the castle.

This is based on the actual park area, and does not include any administrative areas the are just outside the park that the public doesn’t have access to.

In Disneyland, there use to be a marker to indicate where the Geographical Center of Disneyland was when the park first opened. The marker was just inside the Fantasyland entrance of Snow White's castle. There is no such marker in Walt Disney World.

What do you think? Do you agree with my findings? Should Disney have some "Hidden Mickey" type of marker to indicate the Geographic Center of the kingdom?


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