June 15, 2016

pH Levels

Why test the pool for pH levels?

p H Levels

Pool owners use pH test to see how acidity or basic the water is. They measure the pH on a 0 to 14 scale. A reading of '0' means that the water is very acid, and a reading of '14' means the water is basic.

The ideal reading is a 7.4, which is the same pH balance as in the human eye drop. In addition, it gives good chlorine disinfection. Having the pH at 7.4 will help your chlorine be more effective. When your chlorine is effective, you're getting the most use whether you shock the pool or use a Chlorinator.

If you're using the pool testing strips you don't want a bright pink or orange reading.

What causes the pH level to go Down?

Poor Chlorine. Chlorine and pH work together, if you have low Chlorine, then chances are you have low pH levels. Get the pH up first so that your Chlorine can be effective.

What caused the pH level to go Up?

The most common cause is rain water, It doesn't hurt to check the pool immediately after a rain storm. Over time, the sun can burn up the chemicals and cause higher pH levels.

Before you get too concern about the Ph Levels

Check to make sure that your pool is clean. If you have lots of dirt, leaves and debris in the bottom of the pool, focus on getting rid of that before being concern about the pH levels. You're never going to properly balance the pool if you still have a lot of leaves and debris in the pool.

Once the pool is nice and clean, balance the pH then make sure that the Chlorine levels are good.


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