June 1, 2016

Above Ground Pool Supply Essentials

Pool Essentials

Here's my suggested list of five pool supply essentials that every above ground pool user should have at their disposal at all time. Not having any of these could mean an unscheduled trip to the pool store. That is if they are open.

  • Pool Patch Kit with Glue
  • Extra Hose with Clamp
  • Shock
  • Plumber Tape
  • Pool Water Test Strips

Pool Patch with Glue

A Pool accident can happen at any time. You never know when something will inadvertently hit the pool. We have had a tree branch and a rock from a lawnmower break the liner - within a few days of each other. Chances are when something happens, you won't have much time to run to the store.

Extra Hose with Clamps

Having an extra hose is extremely valuable when one of the hoses suddenly breaks. This is more likely to happen early in the season when hoses have worn out after many years of use. Extra hose clamps are good in case the old clamps rust out and you can't tighten them any more. Make sure to have at least one available for each length you have.

Just remember to store your hoses inside so the cold weather doesn't shorten the lifespan of the hose.

Extra Super Shock

You never know when you may need to super shock the pool. You don't want AFR or accident to ruin a great swimming weekend.

Remember that liquid super shock does hold its strength for more than one year. Don't over stock on liquid Super Shock - even if it's a good sale!

Plumber Tape

This is handy to have when opening up the pool and you want to make sure that water does leak from the pipes. You can find these a bit cheaper at the big box hardware stores.

Pool Water Test Strips

Always make sure that the pool is well balanced before anyone swims in it. The pool might look super clear, but there might be a chemical imbalance that could cause someone to be sick. It only takes a minute to get a quick read on how safe the pool is.

The Pool Water Test Strips is a quick and easy way to find out if the pool is ready to be used.

It doesn't hurt to have just enough amount of chemicals to balance the pool. It helps to know how many gallons are in your pool.

Always be Prepared

I also keep a spare screwdriver and pliers in the shed. That way if I need to tighten, or loosen any pipe connectors I don't have to go looking for the right tools.

Have all of these will make sure you're ready for a perfect pool summer. Try to think of other supplies that you may need and share your emergency kit ideas!


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