May 23, 2016

Drinks around the World (part 2)

Epcot 2000

Part 2 of Drinking around the World at Epcot. (Read Part 1) Here some advice on what drinks to try when your sampling various countries. Keep in mind, that many locations have season favorites, so always ask for the special when you arrive at the various cafe and carts.


The Italy cart, Enoteca Castilla, is right next to the German Pavilion. For something different, try the Italian Margarita. The margarita is a bit sweeter and more lemony than its Mexican counterpart. If you're looking for fine wine and beer, be sure to stop over at the Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar, which is attached to Tutto Italia restaurant. You can find a wide selection of Italy's favorite wine and beer.


The Kabuki Cafe is located on the left side of the Pavilion. You can find the Kirin Draft, which is a 20 oz. Kirin (5% Alcohol by volume).


Be sure to try the margarita inside the Mexico Pavilion at La Cava del Tequila. You can try all sorts of margaritas with some fine Mexican appetizers. This is a great chance to sample different kinds of Margaritas to find your favorite. Work with the staff to find the perfect combination for your taste.


You can find Morocco's main drink cart at the front of the Pavilion on the left. Try the Moroccatita - Vodka, Lemon/Lime Juice and Tripple Sec. There's not a whole lot of drink selections, most likely not going to be spending a whole hour in this country.


Mexico and Norway drink carts are short walking distance from each other. The Norway drink cart is near the front of the Pavilion. Here you can find Carlsberg Beer, Linie Aquavit, and Wine. Carlsberg is a 5% German Pilsener hailing from Denmark.(5% Alcohol by volume)

Aquavit is "Produced from potatoes and flavored with caraway and herbs. Then the tastes are mellowed by rolling oak casks that travel through various conditions during a five-month voyage at sea." This might be something worth trying for something a bit different if you just been drinking beer all day. Warning Aquavit is a distilled liquor and ranging in alcohol content from about 42% to 45% abv.

United Kingdom

The easiest place to get a drink is at the Rose & Crown beer stand. You can find Bass Ale, Stella Artois Draft, Guinness and various cider. Go inside the Rose & Crown and treat yourself to a bigger wine selection. You'll have the opportunity to try the Welsh Dragon - Peach Schnapps, Melon Liqueur, Creme de Menthe, Orange Juice, and Pineapple Juice.

United States

Between the Japan Pavilion and the American Adventure is Block & Hans, where you can get a selection of fine American Ale. You can Find McKenzie's Black Cherry Hard Cider - West Seneca, NY, McKenzie's Black Cherry Hard Cider - Bangor ME, Hazed Hoppy Session Ale - Boulder CO and Abita Seasonal - Covington, LA.

Select a beer that would be hard to find where you're from, or simply pass and double up in one of the other countries.


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