February 7, 2016

Haunted Mansion Light Shadow Box

Disneyland Haunted Mansion The Three Hitch Hiking Ghosts Olszewski Gallery Of Light Shadow Box

Instead of buying cheap souvenirs on your next Disney vacation, consider getting something practical or valuable to help you remember your trip. Yes, you're better off spending more than throwing away your money on a cheap item.

Go Premium!


I have found that in most cases, cheap souvenirs will get used for a couple of weeks, after the vacation, and then loose its appeal. Eventually it will be put aside in a bin to be donated or put in a yard sale.

Disney has a great premium souvenirs selection available at selected stored on Main Street at the Magic Kingdom and in several stores in Downtown Disney. On our last trip to Disneyworld, we stopped at the ‎The Art of Disney in downtown Disney. The store sells all sorts of unique artwork featuring various Disney characters.

The Haunted Mansion Light Up Box

Among all the art displays, I found a really cool Haunted Mansion light up box that I had to have. It's a small 4x4 inch box and inside is the Hitch Hiking Ghost scene from the Haunted Mansion ride. I instantly thought it would be perfect on my home desk. So we purchased it for $99 and had it ship home. (No chance that I was going to risk a bag handler break this item)

It took a week for the package to arrive home and I was very excited to see it again. The box is sitting on my desk at a perfect height so that I can turn it on and see the Haunted Mansion. It a very cool souvenir that I like to show anyone coming over to our house. I feel it was worth the money and I do remember the trip every time I turn the box on.

I got another Haunted Mansion light up box for my birthday. This one features Madam Leota and the various music items that are in the room with her in the Haunted Mansion. Both of these look really cool next to each other.

So on your next trip, try to come up with some type of practical souvenir that you can use every day. Consider your desk at home or at work and what unique item that you can put on your desk. One side note to this blog posting:

The Fake Ice Cream Story

If you should visit the ĎBen and Jerryísí store in Vermont in your travels, donít get the fake spilled ice cream in the container for the office. I purchased this last year and thought it would look really cool on my desk. However, the people who clean the office didnít get the joke and threw it away the same day I placed it.


Someone from the cleaning crew picked up the cup and threw it away. I guess it was too real looking for them to realized that it was fake. It was that event that I decided that it wasnít worth bringing anything nice on my desk at work. An expensive $12 lesson.

This isnít the only thing that the cleaning crew threw away. Last year when Coke ran a promotion when they had names on the bottle. My college roommate found two bottles with my name and gave them to me. The cleaning crew assumed it was trash and threw those away too. (or at least probably returned the containers to get the deposit refund.)


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