January 31, 2016

Generation Z Driving Abilities

We pass many new Generation Z drivers everyday on the roads while making our commute to work, school, or leisurely activities. Many are found in driver's education cars, learning how to operate automobiles so they have the ability to pass their driver's test. Other, who might believe they are better drivers than they really are, are already found cruising the streets in their first cars.

Growing up as a person in the generation Z category creates a completely different environment than the Baby boomer generation. As older siblings and parents, many of us who have been driving for much longer than a few years learned our driving skills by learning distractions caused by roadway signs, pedestrians, speed limits, and maybe even the radio if you were lucky.

Generation Z

As our children grow into new drivers on the road, they are faced with more obstacles than we have been in the past. Being bombarded with the use of technology and prevalence in their society, Generation Zís are often glued to their phones and rely on technology as a lifeline for their survival. It's nearly impossible for this age group to wake up in the morning without checking their phones or computers.

With this, it's nearly impossible for our youth to put their phones down while operating a car. It's something that we should consider- being raised around advanced technology only ingrains the generation to heavily rely on phones and laptops for daily functioning. It's no wonder we have a rise in cell phone use while operating an automobile.

Now, generation Zís are faced with two types of distractions on the roadways: typical roadway distractions such as signs and other automobiles on the roads, as well as notifications from technology like cell phones and iPads. Though past generations are prone to these distractions as well, Generation Z is in more serious trouble because of the over-dependence on these devices.

Overcoming the problem

It's important that older generations take action against this problem, and help to protect all drivers on the roadway. We must communicate the seriousness of double distractions that are faced by Generation Z, and future drivers.

Regular communication with new teenage drivers will ensure safety for all of us on the road. Additionally, there are plenty of resources, such as this distracted driving game that can help to safely communicate the dangers of texting and driving to our youth. We should all work together to eliminate the double distractions that are faced by new drivers- and reduce the risk so that roadway signs and pedestrians remain the only notifications encountered when behind the wheel.


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