November 11, 2015

Using TextExpander to Display Date

The date display format for the United States and Europe are a bit different. TextExpander makes it super easy to display the right format when I need it. I just need to remember the correct abbreviation to use, and outputs the correct format that I need:

I have the following snippet setup:

.edate %Y-%1m-%e 2015-11-11
.udate %1m/%e/%y 11/11/2015
today%B %e, %YNovember 11, 2015


In addition, I may want to reference noon time on Thursdays for the weekly team meetings. I always want to always reference the next available occurrence of the meeting. So on Monday, I want to reference this week's meeting and on Friday I'll want to see the date of the next meeting. I have this PHP Shell script set up:

$everytime = date('F j, Y',strtotime('next Thursday'));
echo $everytime;

There’s a lot of possibilities here. Hopefully this helps with some ideas with TextExpander. (For example, not everyone knows that you can use PHP in the Shell Script panel!)


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