August 28, 2015

Image Text Wrapping in Emails

outlook layout

Part of my job responsibilities is to sent out weekly release notes. In that email, I like to include a picture of some of screen shot of some major functionality change being implemented. Using Outlook for Windows, I am able to align the image to the right in the email and have text wrap around the image.

Yesterday, I discovered that this is only available in Outlook in Windows. I think it has to do with Microsoft Word being connected to Outlook.

It turns out that Apple mail doesn't have any functionality around aligning embedded images. I just happen to have the latest version of Office and decided to check to see if was possible in Microsoft Outlook for Macintosh and it turns out that it also has absolutely no image alignment capability. I then decided to check gmail and discovered they don't have any way to align an embedded email.

Wait, what?

I really don't know what the big deal is, why is it so hard to add an image wrap and alignment functionality to embedded images in emails?

I'll have to keep investigating on ways to including images in release note emails. I did read that Apple mail supports HTML format emails and that if I cut and paste rendering HTML that it should work.

If there's a will there is a way to make this work.


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