July 10, 2015

Liquid Pool Shock Shelf Life

Watch out if you're buying a lot of liquid pool shock to stock up this summer season. You should only be buying enough that you will need for this season. Liquid shock does not store very well as it looses its strength as time goes on.

Plan how much shock you need for the rest of the summer. Don't be fooled to stock up when the local pool place has an end of season clearance. Get only what you absolutely need!

In addition, don't put too much shock when you close the pool because it will only discolor the liner. This will cause a weird looking ring around the pool. The only way to fix it would be to replace the liner. Thus putting too much shock could be an expensive mistake.

So what do you do with any extra shock inventory? You can still keep it - as stores perfectly fine in the pool shed for the winter. Just keep in mind, that when you use it next spring, it won't be that strong strength. You won't hurt the pool by putting it in, but your not getting your money's worth as it won't be that strong.

The next time when you shock the pool with several liquid pool shock containers, and you don't see and change in PH levels or the pool is still green, you were probably using old liquid shock containers.


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