October 3, 2014

2014 Election

Looks like the Democrats have the fundraising edge in this election and a sure sign of what the outcome of the election will be. Most likely people aren't donating because they don't care. This is from the email blast to Republicans:

The Democrats have a massive fundraising advantage. Politico has reported that their campaign organizations have raised 157% more money than ours. This is a huge advantage for the Democrats; but we still have the opportunity to catch up and win a Republican Senate majority.

Makes no sense to donate to either of the Republican or Democrats PACs as they aren't tax deductible. Your better off contributing to some homeless shelter or buying brownies at a school bake sale.

In addition, I have never signed up for any Republican membership program, but they keep sending emails about renewing my membership. Right now the going rate for the membership to the NRCC is only $15. Last Tuesday it was $28.67. I think next week it will be $10.

Save a tree and don't donate. Care about this election, than just vote.


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