April 17, 2014

YouTube Vlog Intro Tip

If your making any kind of Video Blog (commonly known as a video vlog) on YouTube or Vimeo, you should have a good introduction. A good introduction sets the mood of the video and makes it look professionally done. If you don't have the technical talents or software to make an intro, then consult various video expert to do it for you for a very small fee.

One such place to go is Fiverr Video Animation. Another source is elance.com, where you can spend a bit more for a more creative approach. Both places have great talent that are willing to go the extra mile to put together some video intro for only $5.

Once you get an video intro, it's very easy to apply it to any video in iMovie or any other video application. Here's a sample of a video intro that I got done at Fiverr:


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