September 19, 2013

Flip Mino HD problem

If you having a problem with turning on a Flip MinoHD you should first plug it in for a while. For example if it doesn't turn on or it turns on and then immediately turns off.

I recently had problems with my Flip camera not working, and I found that when I plugged it in overnight that it fixed the problem. I think this was because I wasn't using the camera for a long time and the battery just died out.

Incidentally don't just plug it into the computer, plug it into a USB hub or wall charger. Most computers will power down after several hours of inactivity and the flip won't get charged.

It's worth a shot to see if that might fix your problem. If this doesn't, you may want to consider upgrading to a different camera. The GoPro series seems to be the perfect subsititute for the Flip camera. Also the iPhone 5s might be a good solution too.


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