August 27, 2013

Winter Street Detour

The Winter Street bridge is still under construction, which makes it a little difficult to get down Winter Street. (The road has had a detour since June 20th.) With school starting this week, it might be helpful to know how to best get around the detours.

While the schools may offer some directions, these are the best way around the detour.

Directions to Framingham State University from 135

  • Take the Winter Street off of 135
  • Take a Right at the first light (Fountain St)
  • Take a Left at the first light (Dudley Rd)
  • At the next light take a Left (Franklin St)
  • At the first light take a Left (Maple St)
  • Take a Right on State Street

Directions to Keefe Technical School from Route 9/Mass Pike

  • Take the Mass Pike to Exit 13
  • Get onto ROUTE 9 and head EAST
  • After the second Traffic Light
  • Look for Main Street Edgell Road (Framingham State University) It will be an Off Ramp from Route 9
  • Take a Right at the First Light (Main Street)
  • Take a Right at the Second Light (Franklin St)
  • Take a Right at the Second set of Lights (Mt.Wayte Ave.)
  • Take the second right on Mt Wayte Ave (Dr. Harvey L Cushing Way)
  • At the end of the road take a Left.
  • Travel 3/4 a mile and Keefe Technical School will be on your left


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