August 7, 2013
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Mary Poppins

Next year marks the 50th anniversary for the Disney mega hit movie Mary Poppins. The movie came out with great fan fair on December 23, 1964. Disney went all out to make sure that the premier had lots of coverage at Mann's Chinese Theater. You can see most of the 'live' local coverage on the movie premier on the 45th Anniversary DVD.

To celebrate the occasion Disney is releasing the first ever Blu-ray version of Mary Poppins on December 10, 2013 and at the same time Disney will release 'Saving Mr. Banks.' The movie is the complete story of how the Mary Poppins movie came to be.

There's no telling what new content will be on the Blu-ray version. Over on Amazon, there's plenty of comments on the 45th Anniversary DVD version didn't contain any new content from the 40th anniversary version. What new content can they find that they haven't released yet?

On YouTube there are plenty of Mary Poppins Remix:

While your on YouTube, be sure to check out the original movie trailer for the new Saving Mr. Banks movie and how close Tom Hanks looks like Walt Disney.


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