July 10, 2013
Pool Water Framingham

Bulk Water Delivery

There are many companies that offer Bulk Water services to the Framingham area. Most people need this service for filling up a pool. If you have bulk water needs you should contact all the companies for pricing and availability.                                                                
Nala Industries Inc. (508) 529-7665
Dalton Water Company (781) 843-0529
Puraqua Pool Service Incorporated (781) 893-6300
RCL Trucking (508) 726-2001

We recently use Nala Industries Inc. for our water deliver, they were able to provide service within 24 hours of calling and they were really helpful to get the water in the pool as quickly as possible.

Tip: Make sure to measure how far it is from the street to your pool. Since they will have a large truck, in most cases, they won't be able to go down a driveway. If you measure the distance before the truck arrives, they will be able to get the correct hose size.


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