March 6, 2013

Best Pizza Place

Over the past few years we have tried many different pizza places all over New England. We have tried different styles from traditional to deep dish. We also visited many different places local hangouts to franchises.

You can find Pizza Hut, Unos, and Dominos in Framingham. They all offer some special that we do use every once in a while. However, what makes a town great is the local flavor. Something that is different than any place else. A place that makes you want to go back when you move away.

The place that we keep talking about over and over is Sweet Tomato Pizza in Newton. We found the one in Newtonville when we lived in Newton a few years ago. The restaurant seating is very small, most of their business is take out. They do have some seats outside which makes a date night very nice on a nice warm summer day. The pizza is a simple flat bread with a little cheese and tomatoes. Very simple and yet very good. Every time we drive by Newtonville we say, we should stop and get a pizza at Sweet Tomato.

The other place that we like is Pepperoncini's in Framingham. They are located on Concord Street at the Hartford Street intersection. The pizza is great and the sauce has a nice distinct flavor. They usually put a Pepperoncini in the middle of the pizza. We look forward to getting a pizza from here as it is usually a special treat. The pizza is a bit more expensive than some of the other places that we try, but well worth the price.

The restaurant is very casual and you can see all sorts of local sport memorabilia on the walls, about half the restaurant is a bar while the other half is general dinning. They have TVs all over the place, and just about every seat has a view of the TV so if there's a game going on, nobody will miss a play. The place is very family friendly and they have plenty of high chairs for the young ones. Pepperoncini's offer a large menu selection from Pizza to Hamburgers.

If you should decide to do a take out, make sure that your calling the right place. Once when I called, I called their Marlborough store and didn't realized it until I got to the Framingham store. They were very polite about it and was able to make up the order in a surprising amount of time. The take out pick up is at the bar, which might be an issue if there's a big game going on, so plan your time according.


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