November 2, 2012

Dell Keyboard problem

This morning, after Windows self-installed KB2739159, I wasn't able to use my computer. This is because the package update did something wierd to my Dell keyboard (KB-212-B). When I tried to tap the return key to wake up the computer it wasn't responding. I rebooted the computer a couple of times but with no response. Even the Cap-Lock light wasn't working

I was able to get another keyboard, and did a reboot and that worked. I reconnected the old keyboard and saw that it had to reload the drivers before I was able to use it.

I confirmed that its the KB2739159 update as this is the entry in the logs before it shut down at 2am this morning.

A reboot is necessary before package KB2739159 can be changed to the Installed state.

Thanks Microsoft for implementing auto-boot. That was a great way to start up a Friday morning.


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