September 26, 2012

Best Buy Shopping

Recently the media has been talking about how Best Buy has become the show room for buyers. They are right for a lot of situations. Here's an example:

Last month during the tax free weekend in Massachusetts, we decided to get a new digital camera. We decided to check out a couple of stores to see what they had in stock for SLR camera.

Our first stop was Office Depot, we were also there for stationary shopping, and they had a fairly small selection. In fact the sales person didn't try to sell us any camera. They did asked if we needed help but were clueless to the details of the different cameras they had in stock.

The next stop brought us over to Best Buy in Framingham. We spent time looking at various SLR cameras but found them to be too complex and we decided that changing the camera lens isn't something that we were going to do on a regular bases. In looking at various point and shoot cameras, we found a nice Sony HX200V camera. We were impress with the zoom, in fact we were able to zoom to a ladder half way across the store and easily read the words on the steps.

I quickly looked up the price of the camera and saw that it was $80 cheaper on Amazon. We talked to the sales person about this and they told us that they would price match cameras on a case-by-case bases. When I showed him my iPhone with the price, he took out his phone did a quick search and walked away. He came back and said that he would price match Amazon.

We were very impressed with that. We saved a lot of money and was able to get the camera right away. We had no idea of the exact camera that we wanted and was able to get the lowest price available. We probably wouldn't have gotten that camera if we didn't have the opportunity to play with it and compare it to other cameras. We liked the features of the camera and how it fits in our hands.

The moral of the story is when you go to Best Buy, don't be afraid to ask if they price match to Amazon, or other online retailers.


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