April 11, 2012

Kindle eBook pricing

Amazon still hasn't gotten the right formula to selling eBooks. Here's the price guide for 'April 1865: The Month That Saved America on Amazon.com on April 11, 2012.'

Clearly the publisher is setting the price as I also checked Apple's bookstore and saw that the eBook is also $10.99. I don't know why they think that consumers would pay more to have the book in electronic format?

Since I have Amazon Prime, I ordered the paperback version. I can wait a couple of days to save $5 dollars. I have seen this price difference on many books - where its cheaper to get the paperback version than to get the Kindle version.

The better price model would be to have the price of the eBook be at least 20% less than the new hardcover or paperback version. The electronic version is pure profit for the publisher since they don't have to worry about distribution and overstock inventory.


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